Thesis supervisor

Assigning a thesis referent to each doctoral student is one of the two components of the individual monitoring committee.

This referent, representing the ED, will be responsible for individual monitoring throughout the doctoral thesis.

As the decree of May 25, 2016 (PDF) (setting the national training framework and the procedures leading to the award of the doctoral degree) requires, you will need to have at least one interview between the referent and the doctoral student during the thesis. The ED E-S thinks that the most relevant period for such an interview is the end of the first year of the thesis.

The board of the ED has made this interview compulsory before re-enrollment in the second year. The report of this interview must therefore be provided at the same time as the papers necessary for re-registration, such as that of the scientific monitoring committee.

During this referent-doctoral interview, the extrascientific aspects of the progress of the thesis will be discussed, in particular the “conditions of his doctoral training” (article 13 of the decree of May 25, 2016). In particular, the referent will ensure, in accordance with the text in force, to “prevent any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment” (article 13 of the decree of May 25, 2016). Recommendations may be formulated in a report drawn up following the interview which will be sent to the director of the doctoral school (at the same time as the re-registration, therefore) and to the doctoral student. We enclose the document allowing you to draw up this report.

The referent must be seen as an adviser, and he is the privileged link between the doctoral student and the ED. Do not hesitate to contact this person in case of extra-scientific difficulty at any time during your thesis, so that he can provide you with advice. Do not wait until the last moment: your referent can then, if necessary, contact the management of the ED, who can in turn take the appropriate measures.

We therefore encourage doctoral students to contact their referent as soon as possible, in order to make themselves known, then to agree on a date for the interview. Referents can also contact their doctoral student. Be careful not to start too late in the year: everyone’s schedules are busy!


Interview with the referent : english version (version doc)